April Fool’s Day 2013… Or not?

Update: As you know, yesterday was April 1st, and we always join the tradition of posting a prank on the website. This time around, though, the joke was a bit different: the Smiling Pussy weapon is completely real, and fully working in the build! We hope you’ll enjoy using it, and bring more color to the battlefield.

smilp1Grimoire Assembly Forge is proud to introduce John Dudebro’s latest weapon, the Smiling Pussy!

As everybody loves pussy, the team was ecstatic to create one that actually shoots rainbows. Any similarities to another rainbow-trailing pussy from a few years back are just your imagination. We have seen that one long enough.

In fact, the team was so excited for this novelty, that they planned on renting out a nearby pet store and throwing a pussy party for their fellow developers. Unfortunately, it had to be cancelled as a few people raised the complaint it may be seen as “offensive” for some reason. How could something as adorable and child-friendly as pussy be considered offensive?


Anyway, as explained to the player once Dudebro finds it sitting on a pedestal, this lovely specimen may not be able to kill people directly, but it will certainly bring its foes to their knees. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic tool when needing to get rid of obstacles. Just press the right button and that pussy will instantly move any obstruction out of the way!

We are aware some might raise concerns about using pussy as a weapon, but rest assured: no pussies were exploited or harmed in the making of this game.


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