Basic Gameplay

So just what kind of game is Dudebro II?

Dudebro II is a 2D side-scrolling shooter that utilizes retro pixel art blended with modern features, such as advanced physics and shader effects. Movement and actions are all controlled with the keyboard or a game controller. These actions include shooting, slicing, changing weapons, picking up objects, throwing objects, and more.

What’s with all this computer terminology? If a keyboard can’t order me a drink, what use is it?

— General Dawgless Lee

There is a degree of exploration that is vital to advancing the game. Progression is tied to the weapons and upgrades Dudebro comes across on his mission, allowing for a non-linear adventure with plenty of variety.

Another important aspect is the Brodiocity Meter. This gauge essentially works as a health bar, but it’s a bit more versatile than that. The meter will go down when damaged, but it can increase in a variety of ways. The bar will go up whenever Dudebro acts like a bro, which includes killing an enemy, drinking a beer or rescuing a lady.

Are you saying Dudebro doesn’t act like a bro all the time? What kind of bullshit are you feeding these people?

— General Dawgless Lee

A nice little extra feature are the Medals. Scattered throughout the game world, they act as prizes for specific accomplishments such as finding hidden paths or completing platforming challenges and shootouts, and gathering a certain amount will be needed to access each chapter’s boss fight.

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