Reverend Brotholomew B. Brahnson

Reverend BrahnsonReverend Brotholomew B. Brahnson, the skinny, creepy chaplain of the Dude Squad. Oh, and the B stands for “Bee” but everyone ignored this, preferring to call him “Bro Brahnson” instead. His eerie demeanor and personality have made him the subject of contempt even among his fellow bros. This caused him to lose faith in life, leading to his retirement in a lonely graveyard where he would live with the dead. His surname means “Braun’s son”, perhaps implying a connection to a previous character.

With his five collars popped — apparently a fetish brought on by a combination of the searing heat and general comfort — he uses voodoo to bring the dead back to life as “zombros”. He does this by channeling his own brodiocity through dead flesh, breathing new life into the departed. As his body is weak, he stays hidden while the zombros do his bidding.

He once attempted to resurrect his childhood sweetheart as a zombie. He gave up when he found out the lower half of her body was missing. The thrill of digging up the body became more important than the body itself, leading to a full-blown grave digging habit.

Ewwwww… gross!

— Habemus Chicken

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  1. VinnyWeapons says:

    The Robots have taken me. Please send help.

  2. John Dudebro says:

    I’ll be there in a minute.

  3. John Dudebro says:

    Next time, just unplug the damn toaster.

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