Statement from the Dudebro™ II Team


As is well known, the idea for Dudebro™ II came into existence late 2009 when a thread on the gaming forum NeoGAF took an unexpected turn, and a unique set of circumstances led a surprisingly large number of gamers to come together and share the fun and excitement of putting their creativity into making a video game. Since then, Dudebro™ II and its development team underwent many changes, but it has always been widely known as “the NeoGAF game”, and all of its trailers started with a “NeoGAF presents” disclaimer.

The recent news surrounding NeoGAF and its staff have left the Dudebro™ II team members incredulous and confused. We have no certain information about what may have happened, but we can say for sure that the recent allegations go opposite to the spirit that has permeated our work from the very beginning. Dudebro™ II, at its heart, has always been the group effort of a community of video game fans, with the intent to make fun of their own hobby and its culture in a positive way.

The parties involved in the recent news have never been part of the project or been involved in its direction. Any of their actions, real or alleged, are solely their own. We unequivocally reject any such behavior, and our full sympathy and support go to the victims of these difficult situations.

For this reason, we have decided to remove all references to NeoGAF from the game and all the related material we control, and to form a new team (to be announced at a later date) to take over its development with no relation to the name of Grimoire Assembly Forge, while still carrying on the spirit Dudebro™ II originated from.

Since this is not a planned change, it may require some time to go fully into effect. For any inquiries, please contact us.

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