Overly Upbeat Song

Now here’s an unusual song considering the tone of the game. Courtesy of SteveB, here’s something a bit more old school and a far cry from the heavy metal and electronic pieces that make up a majority of the game’s soundtrack. So where in the game will it appear? That, at least for now, will stay a secret.

SteveB – Overly Upbeat Song

3 Responses to “Overly Upbeat Song”

  1. Chick says:

    me and dudebro dances to this song every day!

  2. cooljeanius says:

    I thought this was by DrKirby? Or does SteveB = DrKirby?

  3. Jocchan says:

    SteveB is DrKirby’s friend :)
    DrK submitted the song on his friend’s behalf.

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