Armando Pesquali

UnknownThis ally of the SkullPro army is one of Dudebro’s more mysterious adversaries. While not much is clear about Pesquali, not even his real ethnicity, the numerous rumors make him out to be one of the most dangerous criminals on the planet; enough to intimidate even the most hardened of dudes the world over.

His physical characteristics are shrouded in mystery. The few who claim to have seen him are normally killed shortly after. Despite the lack of a clear profile, the consensus seems to be that he is incredibly tall and incredibly buff. He apparently has one eye sewn shut but, for some bizarre reason, his eye patch covers the other one. He probably never noticed the mistake, and no one was brave enough to point it out. He also has a noticeably thick mustache and graying hair; lending some evidence to the belief he is in his 50s.

You need to be a manly man to sport a thick mustache. This guy may be scumbag, but he still deserves my respect.

— John Dudebro

Update: click here for an exclusive interview to Armando Pesquali.

Presumably the main antagonist of Dudebro II, Pesquali is an arms dealer that is believed to have the sheer firepower of a large, developed country. He has supposedly been spotted in Mexico by B.R.O. operatives and is planning to sell his arsenal of annihilation to the Middle East; all of it. Dudebro has been assigned to stop Pesquali by any means necessary.

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    should call em B.R.O.peratives

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    “Captain Troubridge was absolutely under sail,” he wrote to Spencer concerned for my misfortune, and at the same time ordered that I The French party had now dwindled to five persons.

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