First Bullshot

Note: This screenshot is now outdated. For pictures actually representative of how the game looks, please click here.


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7 Responses to “First Bullshot”

  1. First Post! says:

    This screenshot is beyond awesome. It’s brodacious!

  2. Davebrough says:

    Dude, that screenshot is the most brolicious thing I’ve seen all day. You guys have come far. Nice job!

  3. DrNightmare says:

    Gotta love those “!” signs on the crates, they’re like big target-signs! *Highfive*

  4. Valygar says:

    I hope those trees are explosive, too!

  5. Thorus says:

    It’s gonna be 3D? That’s bad :(

  6. StoProGratis says:

    only 5 comments? so many nubz on teh net,

    screens are nice, amaizing but I still think that Forza 3 looks better FO sho!

  7. bromanchu says:

    brosefs, dis shit looks tight dawgs jyeah

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