Dudebro II Theme

Here’s a much requested goodie for all the bros out there. The full song used in the gameplay trailer, to make this day even more badass.

UPDATE! Looks like we reached the download limit on SoundCloud, so here’s an alternate link to download the song.

UPDATE 2! Lyrics added.

Mastgrr ft. Soul Creator – Dudebro

    LYRICS (Soul Creator)

    Dudebro! I’m handy with my tools, yo!
    Pabst Blue Ribbon is my favorite choice of booze, yo!
    Pop my collar, oh you know it’s straight up dawg time
    Smack you in the back of your head ’til you get Alzheim’s
    Feared worldwide, fuck Osama Bin Laden
    And I’m plotting I got the beard girls like
    Heaven sent and descended from father Broseph
    I got mad weed…dude! Let’s go and smoke this
    Machine gun, now it’s time to fuck it up
    Fuck a global warming summer, cuz instead I hummer truck it up
    BOOYAH! Got no time for the kiddy shit
    Blowing up helicopters like that muthafucka Fiddy Cent
    But I don’t walk with a limp
    Shit, I store weapons in my beard, man that shit is so pimp!

12 Responses to “Dudebro II Theme”

  1. BeardedBastard says:

    Badass theme bro!

  2. DuderBroest says:

    Can the lyrics be posted here ?

  3. TehGoatLord says:

    Will buy the game just cause of this.

  4. John Dudebro says:

    Lyrics coming!

  5. WowBroThat'sAmazingDude says:

    Absolutely brotastic, and I can’t believe the amount of pure DUDE emanating from this track. Complete maximum bro.

  6. Dudeboy II: Avenge The Revengeful says:

    My beard grew three sizes today thanks to this.

  7. Redbeard Jack says:

    This is my umpteenth time of listening to this. It still sounds as good as it did the first time, if not better. And my beard is still wriggling with glee.

  8. Sheikh Yerbouti says:


  9. jueGAME says:

    mate. . . some Tabs? :) Awesome song !

  10. Bronas Salk says:

    Brilliant. I think this album will be fantastic.

  11. Naata says:

    Please submit it to Spotify! :)

  12. Christopher Shae Plummer Jr says:

    Please release this game :(

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