Jon St. John as John Dudebro

Early in Dudebro II’s development, voiceovers were being considered for the game’s characters. The question on everyone’s minds was who would voice the protagonist, John Dudebro. While team member V_ben was initially cast, he was perfectly content to step down after fellow member Dacvak — one of the head staffers at MAGFest — brought earth-shattering news to the project and its volunteers.

Jon St. John, known for his portrayal of world-famous video game character Duke Nukem*, had agreed to be the voice of Dudebro. Nobody could have guessed that the voice behind one of video gaming’s most iconic heroes would not only take part in a parody of similar titles but be its titular character.

Titular. Heh.

— John Dudebro

A few weeks later, St. John would record several lines and officially be announced as the voice actor for John Dudebro. Thanks to his involvement, the Internet at large began to notice the project.

The entire Dudebro team would like to thank him once again for working with us and bringing Dudebro to life!

Check out a sneak peek at St. John voicing John Dudebro: CLICK HERE!

And take a look at Jon St. John’s website.

*Duke Nukem is a registered trademark of Apogee Software, Ltd.

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  1. Jason Awesome says:

    Oh dawg that’s someeee manly chit bro. Fucking Duke N- Jon St John. I gotta get this shit dude.

  2. imtheman6669 says:

    Just finished Duke Forever and now can’t wait for Dudebro!!!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Cool blog!

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