Project Goals

Let’s talk about the goals and expectations of the project.

As any self-respected developer would say, our goal is to make a game that is fun to play; not just a compilation of overplayed memes as the name and focus on parody would seem to suggest. Making something enjoyable and engaging is our top priority and has been since day one.

We also aim to show just what a diverse forum community composed of both professionals and amateurs can do if managed efficiently. This team consists of talented individuals from all over the world; banded together by their love of the medium and working purely for fun. We are fully confident that we can create a coherent and consistent product despite being countries or even hemispheres apart.

Finally, we are creating a game that not only parodies the industry and their products in a subtle way, instead of just reproducing scenes and characters from popular games, but also works as a deconstruction of the entire “macho shooter” phenomenon. This is an original game with an original story; one with a bit more than meets the eye.

Everyone in the team is passionate about what they have and have yet to accomplish. This is made even more evident by the fact they are all unpaid volunteers. With these goals in mind, we hope we can create a product that a lot of people like and maybe even surpass their expectations.

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