The origins of the Dudebro II project

On December 7, 2009, on a video game forum from the dark depths of the Internet, user Cuyahoga started a thread titled “So I decided to rent Imagine: Babyz Fashion…”

It didn’t start out so well.

After user Arpharmd B accused him of being a pedophile, Cuyahoga responded by saying, “So, I’m a pedophile because I don’t want to play Dudebro, My Shit is Fucked Up So I Got to Shoot/Slice You II: It’s Straight-Up Dawg Time? To throw around these sort of accusations at someone who seeks to do something different suggests quite the insecurity on your part.”

DudebroThe title caught everyone’s attention immediately. After a bit of discussion about it and user [Nintex] mocked up a fake game cover, users Jocchan and Thetrin took the concept to the next level by doing a piece of concept art and writing an opening cutscene, respectively. Once user Mik2121 made a 3D model of the main character based on Jocchan’s art, Dudebro was no longer a simple “meme.” Things took off from there, with more than 100 volunteers joining to work on the project within weeks of its conception.

Dudebro II is a 2D side-scrolling shooter parodying dudebro-style games, gamers and game makers. It is a satirical commentary on the industry as a whole and its reliance on sequels and violent, action-heavy titles starring macho protagonists and overly sexualized women. The game’s protagonist, John Dudebro, will be portrayed by Jon St. John, who is known for his work as the voice of Duke Nukem.*

And why is there a number two in its title? Because it’s the sequel to a fictional game — after all, everyone knows that sequels are better than original IPs in the gaming industry.

*Duke Nukem is a registered trademark of Apogee Software, Ltd.

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  1. J says:

    Good work, gentlemen.

  2. Karmen Detommaso says:

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  5. notsol337 says:

    I remember that thread. It’s still one of my favorite gaming threads ever!

  6. pago says:

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  7. Dematos says:

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  9. John Dudebro says:

    @Adam Burish Jersey: Wait, what?

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  11. Beard Trimmer says:

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  12. John Dudebro says:

    @tab: wat.

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  18. c0rpx says:

    I was checking if this game has been released yet. it is good to see people are still working on it, the origin is hilarious. I also like the retro 2d style. I wonder if this will ever be more brotastic than contra.

  19. John Dudebro says:

    Thanks man, we’re making sure the final result is as brotastic as possible!

  20. cpy says:

    Broforce beat ya in bro game.

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