Golf Course Concept Art

Welcome to Cuba, and to Generalissimo Carnassus’s private golf club and resort. The warm weather, beautiful beaches brimming with babes, and fine cigars Dudebro will find here will be a welcome change after facing the frigid snowfields of Alaska.

Dudebro will be facing a new enemy in this location: the elite Carnassus Private Guard. As if the SkullPro soldiers in the area weren’t enough to shoot/slice, these Carnassus assholes are out to drop a major harsh on Dudebro’s buzz. Dudebro slices too much to play a good game of golf, so he’ll have to stick to what he does best on any beach – scoring with every single bikini-clad babe in sight. Golf is a pussy’s game anyway.

Seeing the course here, I guess you could say that I’m similar to Tiger Woods in a way: I’ve scored with more than 6.8 billion women. Only difference is that I shoot bullets into faces instead of golf balls into holes in the ground.
— John Dudebro

2 Responses to “Golf Course Concept Art”

  1. rmx says:

    “Golf is a pussy’s game anyway.”
    Boo! Every dude loves golfin’.

  2. JakeBro says:

    No, bro. Every dude loves keg-stands.

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