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Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 13th, 2014

Holiday greetings from the Dudebro II team!


Website updates will resume, as usual, January 10th.

Update: Because of unforeseen technical difficulties, the Holidays will last one day longer, and the next website update will go up on January 11th.

Double the Bits, Double the Fun

Saturday, November 29th, 2014

In our latest update, we showed how Dudebro did (supposedly) look in a prequel, the WWII-set Dudebro Minus One.

Ever wondered how he’d look in a hypothetical sequel, though? Well, here’s your answer, in full 16 bit styled glory, placed next to the current sprite for comparison.


Dudebro Minus One Mockup

Saturday, November 15th, 2014

Ever wondered what the gameplay for the lost prequel Dudebro Minus One looked like?

We did too.

While half of our team is currently busy digging in the deserts all over the globe to retrieve the rumored surviving copies, which by the way would be a pretty cool and original premise for a live action Dudebro movie, the other half interviewed WWII veterans and some of the surviving developers to try and reconstruct at least one screenshot of the game as accurately as possible.

Here’s the result of their year-long effort.


One of the interviewees, whose name is being kept confidential, claims to have seen this very map running at 1080p with a refresh rate of exactly 60 fps.

Which is kinda nuts if you ask me.

He also claims to be a time traveller from the future, for what’s worth, but don’t worry. The mental hospital is treating him well.

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 31st, 2014

It’s that time of the year again, when unspeakable forces rise from the depths of infinite hells to feed with sweets and chocolate. Happy Halloween folks!


Tree Tops Rock!

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

For #ScreenshotSaturday, here’s a brand new screen grab showing Dudebro taking the fight up to the top.


Enter the StealthBot

Saturday, October 4th, 2014

We’re proud to show for the first time one more enemy for Dudebro to shoot/slice during his journey, perhaps one of the most interesting in the whole bunch: the StealthBot!


A deadly automated turret equipped with a 3-directional gun, hidden inside what looks like a regular cardboard box until the player gets in their range. At first glance, the StealthBot may seem reminiscent of the countless incarnations of Mimics found in video games.

Except, it’s much more than just that.

While those enemies only disguise themselves as harmless elements of the scenery (usually treasure chests) until the player gets close enough to get ambushed, what the StealthBot can do is best summed up by this GIF:


Not only can the StealthBots act as improvised platforms: they can be topped over, picked up and thrown around. By doing this, as evidenced by their change in color and disappearance of evil red eyes, they will join Dudebro’s side to kill other enemies for him.

But can they really be trusted?

What if someone else was capable of picking them up again?

Would they be fickle enough to…


…Uh oh.

Story Of A Pro And His Knife

Saturday, September 20th, 2014

Back when Dudebro II was still a top-down shooter, the first enemy type we came up with were the SkullPro Soldiers, foot soldiers equipped with guns pretty much identical to John Dudebro’s own Razor Blood. To complement them effectively, we soon realized that melee enemies, larger in numbers and with movements significantly faster to better flank the player from multiple directions, would have been ideal.

So, we came up with a SkullPro variation… Enter the Inuits.


They were originally only meant to be used in the first chapter, set in Alaska, and later replaced by other enemy types. For this reason, to differentiate them further from the gun-wielding SkullPros, we decided to make them ice themed, and gave them a frozen salmon as their weapon of choice because that looked just ridiculous enough.
After they were added to the game, though, we realized that fighting them felt good enough to warrant their use in later levels as well. Even more so after Dudebro II became a 2D sidescroller: their role as weak, expendable enemies that could get surprisingly dangerous when attacking en masse proved itself essential rather soon.

There was only one problem: their looks. In Dudebro’s globetrotting adventure, finding some Inuits stranded in unexpected locations, possibly all sweaty for the higher temperatures, would have been funny… but masses of them? They would only have looked out of place.

So, we came up with a variation of the variation… Enter the KnifePros.


Besides their appearance, how exactly they differ from regular Inuits will only become apparent after playing the game.

Another Look at the Plaza

Saturday, September 6th, 2014

What better way to resume from the website Summer break than an updated look at the same location we chose to show in our last post?


The plaza now features more detail, including a majestic beer fountain for Dudebro to quench his thirst with, and… wait a minute. What’s up with the sky?

First Look at the Plaza

Saturday, July 12th, 2014

Cuba is a magical place, and a perfect destination for bros willing to take on a spiritual path… or to just have fun and spend a great vacation.

Dudebro’s mission will eventually lead our hero to this location, and — as the final website update before we take a short Summer break — we decided to post a brand new screenshot from a previously unseen part of the Cuban chapter.

The Plaza

This picture shows the main plaza from a small Cuban town, with Generalissimo Carnassus’s mansion in the background. Although the place may seem empty at first, it will be getting crowded sooner than you can say “cigar”.

The Broners, They Rise

Saturday, June 28th, 2014

In Dudebro II’s lore, Broner is a catch-all term for the undead, who rise from their graves to feast on brains and keep partying even when the party is long over.


One specific, and especially disgusting, type of Broner are the Zombros, decaying corpses of fallen SkullPros brought back to life by a certain character‘s brodiocity.

They slowly drag their decomposed remains reeking of alcohol and rigor mortis with only one goal: get their revenge on the one person responsible for their demise.

Going by statistics, there’s a 99.4% chance that person is John Dudebro.