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John Dudebro

Monday, June 14th, 2010

John DudebroJohn Dudebro is the main protagonist of Dudebro II and its nonexistent prequels. He’s the dude every bro wants to be. His exaggerated muscles coupled with his overall badassery, and the charming combination of half tuck and tie, make him irresistible to women. He secretly wears space marine armor under his shirt, hidden below his muscles.

His current age is unknown but he is said to be quite old, as he has fought in World War II. “Multiple times”, at least according to him. After decades of protecting his country, Dudebro retired to a quiet life with a new group of bros. But his calling had always lain on the battlefield.

Needless to say, he was quietly ecstatic to be called back to service with the B.R.O. Alliance soldier Piston Sledge. After completing more adventures in typical bro fashion, Dudebro would go on to form a partnership with rookie soldier Habemus Chicken. The two have been inseparable ever since.

Sure, we’re inseparable until he picks up all the chicks at parties and leaves without telling me …

— Habemus Chicken

Now, Dudebro faces one of his toughest challenges yet, as the private terrorist organization SkullPro threatens to ruin the world’s brodiocity and he’s the only one with the skills — and the gonads — to stop it.