Chapter Structure

In Dudebro II, segments of the game are divided up into chapters, but how are they structured?

Each chapter begins with the player thrown into a new location filled with enemies, collectibles and crazy weaponry, and divided into a set of smaller areas which utilize a combination of side-scrolling and flip-screen principles. The game takes advantage of non-linear exploration that will require a bit of looking around to advance the game. For example: the player may not be able to move forward because an obstacle is blocking the way, obstacle that can only be destroyed by a certain weapon. That weapon could be obtained in a previously inaccessible area that the player passed on, or could even be located somewhere in a later chapter.

There are, in fact, no boundaries for previously trekked maps. Dudebro can go back to previously completed locations freely, to put his newfound gear to use… or to simply shoot/slice dawgs at leisure, and some limited backtracking might even be required a couple of times in order to advance the game.

Each level has a boss, which will be introduced by a short cutscene. Then, it will be time for action. Dawg time, of course, and straight-up.

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