Brain Seeker Concept Art

Brain Seeker

Here we have the Brain Seeker, a customized mass produced assault rifle. As the name implies, the primary function of the gun is to seek out brains by utilizing the power of a still living one. However, the homing function hasn’t actually been added in yet and is scheduled as DLC in the form of an unlock key to be downloaded directly into the brain. Right now, all it does is spray a bunch of bullets at incredible speeds.

As you can see, the design is reminiscent of an axe guitar. This is not a mere coincidence as the rifle doubles as a guitar controller for rhythm games if the need arises.

Surgeon General’s Warning: Do not operate the assault rifle while using the guitar controller function. You WILL hurt yourself. The axe currently does not support wood chopping and will not in the future. If a strong odor starts to emanate from the device, replace brain, as it may have become spoiled.

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  1. JakeBro says:

    You may want to link this to the main site, as clicking the Brain Seeker picture sends you to the picture itself, not this page. c:

  2. John Dudebro says:

    Thanks! No idea how we missed that, someone will get shot/sliced for good!

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