Another member of the Dude Squad. As there always seems to be something obstructing the view in any photo he is in, his appearance is unknown. Even his former bros can’t seem to remember what he looks like.

While envious of Dudebro’s greatness, he still held a great deal of respect for the man. Brocrates was upset when his favorite bro returned to the army, and immersed himself in the study of Duderonomy to cope with it. (Duderonomy is a branch of philosophy that boasts of the perceived ideals of what it truly means to be a bro.)

However, the loss of Dudebro had more of an effect than Brocrates originally thought. He became obsessed with Duderonomy and eventually went completely insane. Living in his own perception of an idealized “bro world,” he ironically misinterpreted his studies and lost sight of what it truly means to be a bro.

Hah, only a fool could follow such a misguided view on life and then still do it incorrectly. Only once you are dead can you truly contemplate the mysteries of the universe.

— Reverend B. B. Brahnson

While his respect for Dudebro still lingers deep within his subconscious, his fragmented mind is all but unsalvageable.

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