Dudebro II Delayed to 2011

We announced today that Dudebro II has been pushed back to 2011. The production may be taking more time than expected, but the team is working hard at a steady pace to make it the most bro game of all time and make sure it’s more than worth the additional wait.

We are also changing the website update schedule: starting today, we will no longer be updating on Fridays, instead choosing to focus on more worthwhile content without resorting to filler to make up for the delay. You can look forward to quality posts every Monday with even more art, media and exclusive insight about the game’s development. And, who knows, maybe a surprise could pop up soon.

2 Responses to “Dudebro II Delayed to 2011”

  1. Regan Boyce says:

    Noooo! It’ll be worth the wait though, i can tell!

  2. Dude Brodudion says:

    Brodascious game, obviously.

    Would be brodaciouser if it was cell shaded.

    Love and Rockets,

    Dude “Dude” Brodudion

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