Generalissimo Carnassus

UnknownThe current owner of the Carnassus resort and sole heir to the family’s estate. This Cuban general has been acting as one of Pesquali’s benefactors and is supposedly associated with the SkullPro army. He is currently keeping Dr. Beatspring Crankypants, a scientist and member of the B.R.O. Alliance, in custody.

Despite his family ties, there is little concrete information about the general. What is known seems to conflict with reports given by government personnel. A prime example would be his relationship with the Cuban government; particularly whether he is a vital ally and potential presidential successor or a sworn enemy plotting to start another revolution.

His private guard consisting of elite Cuban soldiers patrols the resort. They have been ordered to shoot on sight unless instructed not to by Carnassus beforehand.

Those guards are a goddamn liability, always spilling your drinks with stray bullets when you’re trying to get a healthy tan on his private beach.

— General Dawgless Lee

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