Commander Limpwrist

UnknownThe leader of the SkullPro army. This infamous soldier is the subject of some very unnerving rumors. While unconfirmed, the fear emanating from the eyes of those that speak his name seem to indicate some truth to this supposed monster’s reputation.

If the rumors are to be believed, Limpwrist is quite clearly someone to be feared. It is said that he may be the only man on Earth whose beard rivals that of Dudebro’s. Not only is he an expert body builder, but his skin apparently has the consistency of the legendary metal, brodamantium. His hardened body causes bullets to bounce right off of his chest. He even once killed a shark strapped to the back of a tiger. With his bare hands. To top it all off, the ladies flock to him with absolutely no effort on his part.

I have no idea how a shark strapped to a tiger’s back would even work, but it sounds badass anyway.

— John Dudebro

It is unclear what his connection to Pesquali is or even which of the two is the real threat. What Pesquali has in firepower; Limpwrist allegedly has in pure strength. Only one thing is for certain; these two working together may shake the very foundation of the planet itself. Is Dudebro capable of stopping such an unfathomably monstrous duo?

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