Piston Sledge

Piston SledgeThe grandson of Sgt. Justin Sledge, Dudebro’s partner during WWII.

Piston was coincidentally assigned to him as well for the events of Dudebr0 – 0nce Up0n a Time Bef0re 0rigins Divisi0n By Zer0 0: The 0ne Set In Japan, the one prequel game set in Japan, when the duo was tasked to rescue the President, held prisoner by a mysterious group of ninjas. They soon became best bros and fought countless battles together over the following years.

While his efficiency as a soldier rivals that of Dudebro, the two are profoundly different in character. Still a lover of easy women, Sledge is friendlier and wiser than his counterpart. His fighting style is also more covert (but only slightly). He wears a full camouflage attire with a bandolier of large armor-piercing bullets, even though they don’t fit any of his weapons, plus night vision goggles and shades at the same time, effectively cancelling out the function of both.

Looking badass during a mission is the only function you need. I say it works pretty well.

— General Dawgless Lee

Dudebro and Sledge shared an intense bromance while members of the B.R.O. Alliance. Rarely would the duo not be together. This made it all the more jarring when the two drifted apart. However, Dudebro has never forgotten about his former partner.

Of course I haven’t forgotten. That bro knew how to party. I’ll find him eventually and we’ll throw back a few cold ones.

— John Dudebro

His current whereabouts and appearance are unknown, but with the bond tying him to Dudebro, it’s reasonable to expect the two will meet up again somehow.

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