Sis Brostop Brodyguard

Sis Brostop BrodyguardThis muscular member of the Dude Squad is the only bro among them that is actually a sis. Real name Melinda (birth name Mel); Sis is a transgender bodyguard currently employed by a mysterious client of unknown ethnicity.

She and Chicken were apparently quite close and rumors have spread that the future bodyguard always had a thing for Dudebro. This was prior to the latter rejoining the army, which may have contributed to Mel’s growing detachment from the other bros and dissatisfaction with his body, which eventually led her to undergo sex change surgery. Then, she started a new life and chose a profession that fit with her peculiar surname.

Sis has the most physical prowess in the entire Dude Squad. Despite her immense size, she is capable of moving incredibly fast. Using the inertia brought on by this speed, she is capable of deflecting bullets with her bare hands. She can also utilize this skill to burn off her bushy mustache, though it always grows back within a few minutes.

Mel’s hair growth was always quite impressive…

— John Dudebro

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