Billy Brob Butterbean

Billy Brob ButterbeanThe youngest of Dudebro’s former bros, Butterbean is the stereotypical nerd and punching bag of the group. His neckbeard and lack of personal hygiene are among his most defining traits. In addition to this, he has an incredibly high-pitched voice that is capable of not only breaking glass but destroying it at the molecular level as well. He is however oblivious to this “skill”, perhaps intentionally.

Butterbean owns an anime pillow that goes by the name of Rory. He calls the pillow his “waifu” (awkward Japanese-sounding term for “wife”) and believes Rory would never betray him. This ignores the fact they had already been divorced at least twice.

Nnnghrrr roarrrrr kkkkkrrrr! Ghh… krrrrr GRRRRR!

— Brolar Bear

As Brolar Bear said quite succinctly, little is known about the relationship Butterbean and Dudebro had in the past, but both apparently had a conflicted view of each other.

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