Introducing the Money Shot

With probably the least subtle name of all time, the Money Shot is one of the first weapons players will gain access to near the beginning of the game.


This semi-automatic rifle uses its integrated piggy bank to shoot bursts of three coins at a time, which can get up to sound barrier-breaking speeds. Getting hit in the face by a golden shower of coins may sound painful enough, but this weapon’s capabilities – like most guns in Dudebro II – extend far beyond simply hurting enemies. The Money Shot, in fact, is rumored to be capable of breaking paywalls and buying back affection, but beware! As relationships in life can hardly be reduced to mere numbers, throwing money into the equation has a significant chance of backfiring and making things worse. There’s no “cashing out” in that case.


To refill the piggy bank, Dudebro won’t be able to use ammo pickups found lying around. Thankfully, the game world is littered with ATMs to draw money straight from Dudebro’s private bank account. Will our hero go completely broke before the end of the game? That will be up to you.

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