April Fool’s Day 2015


Well, April Fool’s day is once again gone, so we can confirm it was all a joke. Micromanagement? Menu-based? No way we’d let that happen!

Normal updates will resume as usual on Saturday, April 18th.


[Joke] Advanced Gameplay

Dudebro II is first and foremost a game about consequence. Right after the Alaska chapter, the Chick mechanic is introduced, and this is the turning point where the gameplay truly opens up.


By seducing a lady, Dudebro will get her pregnant. After the baby is born, the usual shooting/slicing mechanics will be replaced by a real time menu-based management system, whose main features include:

  • Day/Night Cycle: Fill up the Child’s Health and Happiness bars during the day, as he keeps you awake at night with randomized crying effects.
  • Job System: Find a job to get the regular income needed to raise your Child.
  • Marriage System: To get things right. If the Wifey Happiness bar goes down too much, she may file for Divorce and spend most of your money with someone else.
  • Cheat Mode: A risk/reward mechanic. If the Wifey finds out, you will get a Divorce.
  • Online Multiplayer: Meet other dads and liven up social networks with pictures of your Child.

Stay tuned for more details in a later update!

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