General Dawgless Lee

General LeeGeneral Dawgless Lee is Dudebro’s superior, radio support and mentor — he has been for decades.

The two first met during World War II when Lee was the youngest general to ever grace the United States military. His assignment was to guide Lt. John Dudebro — just a rookie soldier back then — and his partner Sgt. Justin Sledge through a top-secret mission at the very heart of the Nazi plague to alter the fate of the conflict forever.

Sixty-five years later — aka now — he’s in charge of the current operation of the B.R.O. Alliance, a subdivision of the United States army.

He is probably the oldest general still in service but he looks much younger than he really is.

That’s thanks to women and margaritas, mostly. My suggestions. I’m more of a beer and liquor kind of guy, though.

— John Dudebro

Despite his accolades and idealistic, hot-headed attitude during World War II, over the years he just stopped giving a fuck. Now he would much rather lounge around on the beach all day, totally apathetic to the world around him.

His entire body is covered in scars as a result of a “misunderstanding” with a kitten during the Cold War.

You should have mentioned it was a goddamn communist kitten!

We tried everything, from cat food to alcohol to dressing an entire battalion of marines like cats, but the motherfucker wouldn’t talk.

God, how I miss that war … Nothing but espionage, bottles of vodka and hot action with sexy Russian spies.

— General Dawgless Lee

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