Dudebro II: The Story So Far

It is the year 2012. B.R.O. Alliance forces are stationed somewhere in the Middle East, where the heat is deadly and shit is more fucked up than ever. John Dudebro, military hero, and Habemus Chicken, Dudebro’s long-time partner, are tasked with a mission from General Dawgless Lee to find and prevent an arms dealer of ambiguous ethnicity, Armando Pesquali, from selling weapons to terrorist organizations.

It quickly becomes clear that Pesquali is not the only evildoer lurking in the shadows as Dudebro and Chicken stumble upon the SkullPro army, led by the totally foul — and totally menacing — Commander Limpwrist. To make matters worse, Limpwrist has recruited the Dude Squad, an elite team formed by Dudebro’s ex-bros, within whom contempt runs deep.

Before long, it becomes apparent to Dudebro and Chicken that this event has roots in an earlier adventure. Will Dudebro’s past catch up with him? When nothing is as it seems, can the flow of information be trusted? Can anyone be trusted? Either way, a struggle is about to shake the very fabric of time and space.

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