Brodiocity Meter


Displayed above is one of the game’s primary features; a green bar named Brodiocity Meter.

Essentially, it is equivalent to a health bar but its functions don’t end there. The player will also be able to fill it back up by acting like a bro, which includes killing enemies, rescuing ladies, and drinking beer. Conversely, being hit by an enemy will cause the meter to drop. When it drops to zero, Dudebro won’t die: he will get angry at the player and leave.

Bosses also have a Brodiocity Meter, but it works a tad differently. Boss fights usually turn into a theoretical “tug o’ war” match, with the balance of the battle shown through an additional meter with two bumping fists in the middle. Dudebro’s side is on the left while the boss’ is on the right. The fists will move with each hit to either the player or the boss’ side. Once the fists reach either side, a 2D pixel art rendition of Dudebro and the boss with their fists clashing will appear on the screen for a Quick Time Event (QTE). Depending on which side the fists are on, successfully completing the QTE will either lead to the boss being defeated or the player staying alive.

Remember, always pay attention to the meter. You don’t want Dudebro yelling at you now, do you?

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