Dudebro Zero

Our hero returns in a thrilling sequel to Dudebro Minus One: the one set in Japan.

On the dawn of a new millennium, a group of ninjas takes advantage of the confusion and unrest brought on by Y2K paranoia, leading to the kidnapping of the president of the United States. John Dudebro, now a retired war veteran who left the army to try and live a bro life for his remaining years, is called back to arms and tasked by General Dawgless Lee to go to Japan and rescue the president. Joining him this time is Piston Sledge, the grandson of Dudebro’s partner in World War II.

The duo hijacks a tanker to enter a Japan now controlled by ninjas. They find out from a mostly dead president that the state of the country is being manipulated from the shadows by Mr. Tanaka, the headmaster of Skull High School in Tokyo and advisor of the evil Skull Glee Club. As usual, things are never as they seem as the revelation that Tanaka is just an A.I. construct becomes increasingly clear. The man really pulling the strings from the shadows is the former English teacher, Mr. Doommeyer, son of renowned Nazi scientist Dr. Heinrich Doommeyer, but the path to reach the big bad is blocked by a bubble of interstellar void. To make matters worse, a giant monster is rapidly approaching Tokyo. Will our heroes once again be able to save the day?


Dudebro Zero was planned for all platforms set to release in 1998, 54 years after Dudebro Minus One was nearly released. Its cancellation was a result of the entire development team getting depressed after watching the American-made Godzilla movie, causing one of the programmers to divide by zero, freezing the only machine hosting the source code. Needless to say, the project was unable to be salvaged.

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