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Statement from the Dudebro™ II Team

October 23rd, 2017


As is well known, the idea for Dudebro™ II came into existence late 2009 when a thread on the gaming forum NeoGAF took an unexpected turn, and a unique set of circumstances led a surprisingly large number of gamers to come together and share the fun and excitement of putting their creativity into making a video game. Since then, Dudebro™ II and its development team underwent many changes, but it has always been widely known as “the NeoGAF game”, and all of its trailers started with a “NeoGAF presents” disclaimer.

The recent news surrounding NeoGAF and its staff have left the Dudebro™ II team members incredulous and confused. We have no certain information about what may have happened, but we can say for sure that the recent allegations go opposite to the spirit that has permeated our work from the very beginning. Dudebro™ II, at its heart, has always been the group effort of a community of video game fans, with the intent to make fun of their own hobby and its culture in a positive way.

The parties involved in the recent news have never been part of the project or been involved in its direction. Any of their actions, real or alleged, are solely their own. We unequivocally reject any such behavior, and our full sympathy and support go to the victims of these difficult situations.

For this reason, we have decided to remove all references to NeoGAF from the game and all the related material we control, and to form a new team (to be announced at a later date) to take over its development with no relation to the name of Grimoire Assembly Forge, while still carrying on the spirit Dudebro™ II originated from.

Since this is not a planned change, it may require some time to go fully into effect. For any inquiries, please contact us.

Super Dude Bros. II Chapter 1-2 Released!

October 25th, 2015

In our third Super Mario Maker-related update in a row, we are pleased to announce that today we released Super Dude Bros. II Chapter 1-2: There Will Be B.R.Oil, the oft-requested followup to Super Dude Bros. II Chapter 1-1: Dawgs of War.


This level, whose ID is (37B2-0000-00D6-EDE8), is loosely based on the second half of the first chapter of Dudebro II, with our beloved plumber Supah Mariobro following Dudebro’s steps through a mysterious oil pipeline facility in Alaska, up to the first boss fight (of course adapted to Mario gameplay) against a familiar character.

As the level picks up right where Chapter 1-1 ended, it’s highly recommended to play the two stages in order, possibly one after the other. Both feature a fair share of secrets, such as three hidden 1up mushrooms in each.

Unlike 1-1, Chapter 1-2 may get a bit spoilerish in a few instances. Not everything shown here is actually going to be part of the game, but some elements could be similar. For this reason, especially if you’re sensitive about spoilers, play at your own risk!

Super Dude Bros. II Chapter 1-1 Gameplay

October 10th, 2015

For those unable to try out the recently released Super Dude Bros. II Chapter 1-1 level for Super Mario Maker™, whose level ID is 625F-0000-0070-42F1, thanks to Bjoern the Smexy we can show you some direct feed gameplay (starting from 1:52:37).

Direct YouTube Link

Of course, it’s suggested to maximize the video embedded in this page to watch it at a reasonable size. If you’re concerned about spoilers, this playthrough only shows the tip of the iceberg about the many secrets we hid in this level.

Besides three hidden 1up mushrooms, only one of which is shown here, there’s a top secret room lying somewhere. Will it ever be found?

Super Dude Bros. II Chapter 1-1 Released!

September 26th, 2015

Today we have a special treat for all of you Wii U™ owners. Yes, both of you!

Super Dude Bros.™ II Chapter 1-1: Dawgs of War, the first and hopefully not last official Dudebro™ II level for the recently released Super Mario Maker™, is now available to download and play*.


This level is reachable through the following ID: (625F-0000-0070-42F1).

It is the year 2015. Supah Mariobro, a heroic plumber from B.R.O. Alliance, embarks on a grand adventure to rescue his beloved Brincess Beach from the greedy paws of the KooPro professional terrorist organization.
Will he triumph, or will his addiction to mushrooms spell his doom? Will he find the three 1up mushrooms hidden across the land? Will he beat his high score? There is only one answer to these questions: it’s all up to you!

For gameplay footage, click here.

*) To play this level you need access to a copy of Super Mario Maker™, an Internet connection, and, well, a Wii U™.

About Tile Maps

September 12th, 2015

For its levels, Dudebro II uses a common technique named tile maps: small square chunks of graphic data named tiles, in our case with a size of exactly 16×16 pixels, carefully placed and repeated screenwide on a 2D grid, the map.

This is how pretty much all 2D games used to be made back in the day, as it allowed to save resources and keep costs down. Of course, to create such maps, one can find plenty of tools around nowadays. For the game, we’ve decided to use Tiled Map Editor, a flexible editor with support for multiple layers of tiles, and whose main file format (.tmx, an XML-like document format) is widely supported and documented.


Why are we discussing this? Well, let’s just say that learning how our maps are structured may turn useful one day. For this reason, expect more details in a future update.

Time To Get Dirty

August 29th, 2015

With our first update after a short Summer break, we’re unveiling a brand new location: the sewer area beneath Carnassus’s estate in Cuba.


For some reason, sewers are a recurring location in video games. As filthy and disgusting as they may get, they’re often fascinating settings for both action and exploration. So, Dudebro’s journey was pretty much bound to include at least a visit to some nearby cloaca.

How bad will he smell after this life-changing experience? What kind of treasures may lie buried under those piles of waste? When am I getting paid? All these questions will remain without an answer, at least for the time being.

1440p Wallpapers

July 11th, 2015

Now that larger monitors are becoming more and more common, we’ve reworked a bunch of wallpapers beyond their original resolution of 1080p, up to the luscious 2560×1440 pixels supported by bigger screens. Enjoy!



Note: Website updates will stop for the Summer, and resume August 29th!

Rainbows? Rainbows!

June 27th, 2015


Introducing the Bartender

June 13th, 2015

For what is probably the most important unsung hero of the game, the one man tending simultaneously to each and every bar Dudebro is going to find along his journey, we’ve gone through several iterations before settling on a character design. Here are some of them.


How exactly the bartender is going to help Dudebro, besides of course getting him piss drunk, will be detailed in a later update.

First Look at the Carnassus Guards

May 30th, 2015

You thought Dudebro was the only living being capable of wielding a Money Shot?


Well, think again, as the Carnassus Private Guards are going to change that. The piggybank mounted on their version of the gun may look a bit smaller than Dudebro’s, but how much does size really matter?

You wouldn’t know.

— John Dudebro